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-----Do you have a forestry degree (2 or 4 year), informal forestry training, or just need part time work?

You must live within one hour of Pittsburgh, have good reliable transportation, and a cell phone.

Contact Tom through this website if you are interested !!

Job details:

Full Time, Part time, and/or Seasonal

Timber marking, involving measuring and painting selected trees

Gas well and right-of-way pre-construction inventories

You must be in good physical condition

Job entails extensive hiking over sometimes very rough terrain

Good quality, high top work boots are a must

Minimal training required to acclimate you to our methods and procedures

Hazards include: Rough terrain, being around heavy equipment, insect bites and stings, poisonous snakes (rarely), extreme temperatures.

Positives: Being outdoors, a different project almost every day, meeting alot of new people, great pay and bonus incentives.


Depends on level of experience.

Pay structure is as follows: Because our work is weather dependent, you will be paid by the job as a subcontractor at an agreed upon rate. Once a project is completed you will be paid, and/or within 30 days. You will also be given the opportunity to earn Incentive Bonuses. 

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