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Tom Anundson has been "practicing" forestry in Pennsylvania since 1978, was born and raised in Warren County in northwestern PA, and now lives in Boardman, Ohio. Tom and Christine have four children, Jenn, Jake, Trent, and Darby, all of whom are out of the home now. A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and a Member of the Society of American Foresters, he has acquired many years' experience working with private landowners, industry, county, state and federal level agencies, and government. The difference between urban and suburban timber harvests is immense--this experience dealing with a myriad of situations assures his clients of sensible environmental decisions.

Prior to his formal forestry education, he worked for many years on family-owned land. This work instilled both a land ethic and practical economic experience that has since benefited both him and his clients. Intense forestry ethics and goals were ingrained in him in the years prior to his formal college education. His role as a forester makes him acutely aware of the concerns of private landowners. Once the landowner's goals are determined, he strives to achieve those goals and manages the tract as his clients dictate.

Tom was employed as a forester's assistant through high school, in college was an employee of and subsequently a full partner with a forestry consulting firm in Northwestern Pennsylvania, and is now self-employed and practicing in Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and Northern West Virginia.

While at Penn State, he assisted Penn State with the implementation of the Municipal Tree Restoration Project (MTRP) in Pennsylvania, and helped write the first municipal management plans used for over sixty communities throughout Pennsylvania. This proves invaluable to landholders with interests in and around developed areas where conflicts with overhead power lines, structures, and infrastructures are possible. Also, Tom has been called as an expert witness in timber trespass cases in many counties across the state of Pennsylvania. Providing such expert testimony has helped landowners recoup losses in timber theft and trespass cases.

His experience dealing with complex government restrictions and planning commissions, combined with implementing otherwise non-existent programs has led to a valuable working knowledge in the non-forest environment. In addition to developing plans for municipal trees, he has been an expert witness in the litigation of trespass cases where the damaged trees were non-forest, urban "shade" trees. His combined experience managing forest resources can help you meet the goals you have set. Because Tom has a four-year, Bachelor of Science, Forest Science degree from Penn State University to complete the forestry training he acquired in his youth, you can be assured you will be provided with time-proven, expert assistance.

Contact Tom at 412-302-0239

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