Tom Anundson, Dave O'Barto, and Pat Hulle, Consulting Foresters - ...serving landowners in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia

 Welcome to the best page in Forestry!!
We are independent, professional foresters working to help landowners realize their forest's fullest potential.  We share this website to help insure that each of our own customer's needs are met in PA, OH, and WV.  Depending on where you live, contact either Tom, Dave or Pat and let one of them serve you !!

Each makes sure his clients receive the highest price possible when they sell valuable timber trees, while protecting their land during harvesting operations. They assist forest landowners and help them achieve a balance in all aspects of forest management, including timber production, wildlife habitat and forest aesthetic improvements, management planning, and timberland investment counseling.

We strive to manage each landowner's property for his or her particular goals, and to help each landowner realize those goals through sound forest management practices.
We all are four-year Forest Science graduates working independently and strictly for private forest landowners, and are not tied to any sawmill, timber buyer, or government agency.

We will help you navigate through the maze that is proper forest management.  Our expertise will help you realize your goals while we strive to maintain the integrity and health of the ecosystem you own.  And, we will screen the undesirable operators from your project and insure you receive attention from only the best in the business....  

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